Are you ready to wake-up to how powerful you are?


Are you struggling with anxiety, stress or overwhelm?  

Are you ready to experience your circumstances differently? 

Are you searching for the secret cure that will help you live a life of personal power, inner peace, laughter and happiness?

Well, I’ll tell you the secret cure.  It’s been inside you all along. 



That’s right. 


Everything in your life…the current state of every area of your life has been in your control all along. 

So, it's time.
It’s time for Total. Unadulterated. Ownership.

There is nowhere to hide, no one to blame, no circumstances to explain it.  It’s all you.
It always was. It always is. And it always will be…You.

Ironic isn't it - almost shocking to be the obstacle and the answer, the problem and the solution, the pain and the heal - but, it’s the truth. And it’s the truth that is going to set you free.


Welcome to CHOICE:
The Real Way to Change Your Life


in this workshop, you will...

  • Identify your desired feelings, so you can always feel the way you want to feel
  • Understand what INpowerment really is and how to use it to create your life.
  • Learn how to master your thoughts and think differently.
  • Learn how to feel better in every aspect of your life.
  • Find your power in a way the creates deep and sustainable change.
  • Finally get out of your own way.
A quick introduction to the new CHOICE workshop!

"Funny and engaging, a straight arrow right to what's real, what's right and what's needed, Tracy's workshop really delivers. You will walk away with tools that you can use on a daily basis."

-Jason M.

Who is CHOICE for?


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home-mom, an executive, a divorcee, a grandparent, a team leader, a dreamer, a worrier, the list goes on and on. 

This experience is for all of you.  It is for anyone who feels stuck in their life. Anyone who is ready to make change happen.  Anyone who wants to more happiness, lightness, success & fulfillment.  


"If you're looking for that "Ah Ha" moment in your life, the Litt Factors got it! Tracy is a MUST HAVE in your mental toolbox."  -Tanya F.


"I surprised myself by opening up in front of a room full of strangers. Something inside of me was like, "Who cares what they think?!". This was about ME and I was going to take advantage of my time there and absorb as much as I could. I loved it!" -Gina B.


Who is Tracy? 

Often referred to as "The best kept secret" and "The wake-up call you didn't know you needed."  Tracy is a Certified Life Coach, awe-inspiring speaker and Founder of The Litt Factor, a personal growth & coaching company. Tracy's dead-on insights coupled by her direct, loving and light delivery has helped countless people transform their lives from the inside out. 

CHOICE is a 2.5 hour workshop. Find a session below that works for you and claim your spot now!


icons8-Calendar 20-100.png

Palm City/Stuart, FL
FRIDAY, OCT. 20th, 6:30pm

icons8-Calendar 4-100.png

Dix Hills, Long Island, NY
SATURDAY, NOV. 4th, 2:00pm

icons8-Calendar 7-100.png

Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, FL
TUESDAY, NOV. 7th, 7:00pm



Thanks to the advances in technology, we can now be together, LIVE, as intimately and effectively as we would be in-person.  Through the cutting edge technology of the ZOOM platform all virtual workshop attendees will be able to fully interact, see and engage! It's like nothing you have ever experienced before! Think Skype or FaceTime with a workshop full of people!  Once you register, your spot will be claimed! 

1 week prior to the workshop, you will receive an email with the session link and worksheets. 

icons8-Video Conference-100.png

TUESDAY, OCT. 24TH, 11:00am

icons8-Video Conference-100.png

TUESDAY, OCT. 24TH, 7:00pm


"Tracy's helps me focus on what's important for creating an enriched, happy, and successful life.  Her warmth, wit, and wisdom truly provides me with the support to take positive actions to meet my goals.  I am so glad to be working with her and would recommend Tracy to anyone looking to improve their life!" -Danielle M.


“I’ve seen & worked with many motivational speakers & personal coaches over the years personally & in a group setting and I can’t thank you enough for your direct approach. It was powerful stuff for me personally & I’d highly recommend Tracy as an asset/speaker for anyone.' -Bud F.