The Inside Creates the Outside

Our minds are so incredibly powerful. Did you know that our beliefs and thoughts create our reality? Yup, true story.

Here’s the way it works: You have a thought or belief. That thought triggers hormones which create feelings and emotions. Based on the way you feel, you then act or don’t act in a certain way. Therefore, your thoughts are the catalyst for your patterns and paradigms – which means your thoughts and beliefs are responsible for wherever you are in your life right now.

For example: Let’s say you think you’re not worthy of love. That thought creates a feeling of hopelessness and frustration, thus causing you to find flaw in the people you meet. You then remain single, which supports your belief about not being worthy of love.

Let’s say you think you aren’t good enough to advance in your career. This could cause you to feel discouraged, thus not giving your best effort. So then you are passed up for a promotion, which confirms your belief about not being good enough.

The craziest part of these examples is that we prove ourselves right! The results of our thoughts reinforce our belief system, and the cycle goes on and on…

But I’m here to tell you something huge: YOU ARE NOT YOUR BELIEFS. So if your thoughts and beliefs aren’t creating the life you desire, deserve, and dream of, then start changing them. Don’t roll your eyes – you really do get to choose. If a thought isn’t serving you, replace it with a more productive thought, then pay attention to the new energy flow.

Here’s a productive replacement thought for the second example above: Let’s say you think you are totally awesome and know you are more than good enough to get any career advancement you want. You will then feel excited and motivated, causing you to show up energetic, take initiative, and give your absolute best effort. That energy and effort is recognized, and you are given a huge promotion.

Perhaps you’re thinking, this is great for the girl in the example who just nailed the promotion, but what about me?

Changing our thoughts takes awareness and a lot of practice. It requires accessing our mind muscles that have more-than-likely never even had a workout. But what I am sharing is very real and very accessible to us all. So the next time you are experiencing a feeling that doesn’t feel good, or you are reflecting upon an outcome that didn’t go the way you hoped, stop and think. Trace it back to your original thought and offer yourself a more productive, empowering replacement. This simple, albeit not easy, exercise will get those mind muscles moving and support you in creating more of what you truly desire.

You are amazing, worthy, and deserve to live your best life!