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Today is the day that everything changes.  Today is the day you made a decision...a decision to reclaim your power, to connect to your highest self, to master your mind, to nurture your soul, to cultivate a phenomenal relationship with yourself...all so you can create a business and life you love! 

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I have been working with Tracy on shifting my mindset. We have worked through my paralysis by analysis, and I am getting shit done everyday as an entrepreneur that I could only have dreamed of before our sessions. My daily stress level has been reduced, as I am able to put my responsibilities in perspective. As a person, mom, wife, business owner, and of the all the other role labels that I am proud to carry, I have learned to invite my fears to have a seat next to me, while I stand up and conquer my everything!
If you want to make a REAL shifts, feel great about who you are, feel confident about where you are going, and accept and love where you are right now - Tracy Litt of the Litt Factor will make that happen for you!
— Tara Zeller, MS, BCBA - The AppleTree Connection
Tracy is like everything balm for your soul and your heart. No matter what you might be struggling with or where you are in your journey, she’ll hold the space for you to find the answers. If you want a cheerleader who has your back and can help you shine the spotlight on your brilliance, while at the same time giving you a kick in the pants - you want Tracy. Overwhelm and doubt are bedfellows of female entrepreneurs and it’s a blessing to have Tracy in your corner to help you kick them out of your bed and out of your life.
— Seema Bharwani - Content by Seema
Tracy created an environment where I could be open and honest and put everything on the table without judgment. Above all, I was reminded that my actions, my beliefs and my happiness are my choice. Earning that understanding is extremely enlightening! The impact Tracy made on my life is immeasurable. She lifted me from a place where I couldn’t get out of my own way, to a place where I could soar. I am filled with gratitude, respect and appreciation for Tracy. I am so happy that her light is part of my life.
— Margaret S. - Albany, NY
I’ve been a client of Tracy’s going on one year now. Whether a two minute text exchange, a 45-minute weekly session or a special event workshop, I ALWAYS walk away with something new, a powerful toolbox reminder, a way to be stronger, a renewed commitment to Radical Personal Responsibility. Tracy coaches and challenges, from a glowing place of compassion. It’s not a “foo-foo” bullshit fad; she is life-changing, empowering, and the single most important thing I’ve done for myself, not just in the last year, but, in my life.
— Jen G. - Palm Beach, FL - Prudential
The person I have become through my work with Tracy is beyond what I thought I was capable of. Tracy is more than a coach. She’s a cheerleader, a sounding board, a comedian and above all, believed in me in a way that allowed me to believe in myself. I feel confident, like all the time. I take action for myself and my business, and I learned how to say no! That was huge. I am forever grateful and will always keep Tracy in my mental and emotional toolbox.
— Jen L. - New York, NY - Just Be Beauty Room