What areas of your life are you seeking to change or enhance? What is getting in your way? What is not changing it costing you?

Let's figure it out together.

Sometimes we walk through life on auto-pilot, accepting the identity and reality we've created for ourselves as if they're beyond our control.

But I have HUGE news -- you have total control. SO freaking exciting! You can choose what serves you and what doesn’t. You can develop a new vision of who you are and start making the choices that align with that vision.

Through Core Energy Coaching™, we will tackle the root cause of your challenges: your underlying beliefs, thoughts and emotions. You'll release what's holding you back and make sustainable shifts in your consciousness. It is from that place that you can unleash your power, achieve your greatest goals, and ignite your best self.

Through this work you can:

  • Understand your energy and how it influences your life
  • Learn to recognize limiting beliefs and other blocks
  • Recognize your triggers and choose your responses
  • Gain clarity on your core values and life vision
  • Break old patterns, making way for new perspectives and opportunities
  • Dramatically improve your relationships
  • Live the empowered, glorious life you deserve

Life Coaching is offered in 3-Month and 6-Month Engagements, held via phone or Skype (in-person coaching available locally).                                      

Coaching engagements include:  Weekly 45-minute Sessions, Unlimited Text & Email Communication.