Come on, GET LITT! 

What does it mean to GET LITT? According to Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary, it is when something is turned up & popping; something that is fucking amazing in any sense; excellent; connected to light. I’m in love with all of that, and that, my friends, is exactly what Getting Litt is all about. 

GET LITT promises to help you do just that through valuable content delivered in a short, sweet & straight-to-the point style. We want GET LITT to be the email you can’t wait to open! No fluff, just great shit.  

Wanna know what's inside? 

  • Tracy Talks - This is a great talk, teaching or article direct from me to you!

  • You’ve Got to See This! - Something inspirational that I’ve come across that is a must share.

  • Try It On - A practical tip, “how to” or action that you can start “trying on” to create a life & biz you love.

  • The Worthy Human Hangout - This spot is where awesome people, like you, are honored and acknowledged because everyone deserves that.

Are you seriously still waiting?  Drop your info below and we'll see you on the other side...