Hello beautiful soul!

You’re here because you want change. You want more. More happiness.  More success.  More fulfillment. More energy. More peace.  More joy. More. More. More.

What if I told you to get more, it’s about less? 

It’s about giving stuff up, rather than adding things on. 

It’s about stopping things, not starting things. 

It’s about releasing, not holding on tight.    

So, there are 17 things that I’m inviting you to give up today. These 17 obstacles to your true happiness and fulfillment are simply behaviors, beliefs or bad habits - all of which can be stopped, shifted or reprogrammed. 17 things so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.

I know, you’re pumped and want to know how you get your hands on this amazing gift that will keep on giving.  All you need to do is type your name and email below and it’s all yours! 

Totally FREE, a gift from me to you.


Oh and here’s what some peeps are saying about 17 Invitations:

Each invitation I read, I was like 'she's talking to me - that's the best one.' And then the next one came up and I'm all 'THAT'S the best one!' And on and on...."
- "Brilliant, breathtaking and ideal. I'm going to print it out and read it daily."
- "OMG I love this! I want to print it out and read it everyday! We all have days when the shit in our heads gets in the way of showing up and playing full out! Tracy's 17 invitations, is the perfect loving kick-in-the-pants for the days when you feel like doubting yourself, your why and your greatness."