Hello Beautiful Soul!

You’re here because you want change. You want more. More happiness.  More success.  More fulfillment. More energy. More peace. More. More. More. What if I told you to get more, it’s about less? It’s about giving stuff up, rather than adding things on. It’s about stopping things, not starting things. It’s about releasing, not holding on tight.    


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I'm so happy you're here!

I'm Tracy, a Certified Professional Coach and Master of Energy Leadership. Having learned from my own challenges and triumphs, I'm dedicated to helping others learn that that life is about choice. All about choice. Coaching is an investment in YOU - an investment in your happiness, your joy, your extraordinary satisfaction. And frankly, there’s no wiser investment you could make. Whatever you want, whatever you’re longing for, that’s what we’ll go after, and that’s what we’ll get. 

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Tracy fostered an environment – the physical, emotional and mental space – for genuine conversation and reflection. She challenged me to think critically, examine my actions and motivations, and honestly asses who I am and who I aspire to be. More than just a “coach,” Tracy is a mentor, a guidance counselor, a cheerleader, a confidant, a mirror in which you see yourself, and a conscience, willing and able to hold you accountable. Put simply, working with Tracy has changed my life for the better.”
— Michael, Washington, DC

Tracy is like everything balm for your soul and your heart. No matter what you might be struggling with or where you are in your journey, she’ll hold the space for you to find the answers. If you want a cheerleader who has your back and can help you shine the spotlight on your brilliance, while at the same time giving you a kick in the pants - you want Tracy. Overwhelm and doubt are bedfellows of female entrepreneurs and it’s a blessing to have Tracy in your corner to help you kick them out of your bed and out of your life.
— Seema Bharwani, India

Tracy created an environment where I could be open and honest and put everything on the table without judgment. Above all, I was reminded that my actions, my beliefs and my happiness are my choice. Earning that understanding is extremely enlightening! The impact Tracy made on my life is immeasurable. She lifted me from a place where I couldn’t get out of my own way, to a place where I could soar. I am filled with gratitude, respect and appreciation for Tracy. I am so happy that her light is part of my life.
— Margaret S.